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This exclusive set is perfect for playing on official 6' or 5' wide court. 

You will get 4ea. LIFETIME WARRANTY* 6ft. long fiber glass cues valued at CAD $34.99 ea. (CAD $139.96) + 1 set LIFETIME WARRANTY* disks at CAD $94.99 ea. + 1 disk carrier at $14.99 ea.  + 1 dry erasable laminated scoreboard at CAD $27.99 + 1 marker at CAD $2.08 + 1 hook for cues at CAD $9.99 .

 Total: CAD $290.00


Lifetime Warranty 6'' Disks Set

  • You can use this set on  6''official or 5' wide compacted court.

  • If you break or damage your cues or disks, we will replace them without any questions. Just give us the damaged item and we'll send you back a brand new one.


    Normal wear caused by friction is not guaranteed


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