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Compact 3'x20' shuffleboard court without shooting sections but with yellow edges at both ends only. OUR LESS EXPENSIVE COURT in 3' wide.

Shuffleboard features

  • Requires less space and investment than a full-size court.
  • Yellow border allow you to bring your disks back without having to bend down.
  • They also provide a safety feature by outlining the edge of the court and preventing falling or tripping over it.
  • You play with 4'' discs in diameter


  • Requires a 3' x 26'4" level area.
  • Court #6 in 3'wide has 60 green tiles for the court section.
  • Court #6 in 3'wide has no red tile for the shooting sections.
  • Court #6 in 3' has 6 linear feet of yellow edges.

Reference:    #6in 3' wide
Size, Capacity:    3' x 20'
Weight:    48 lbs.
Manufactured by:   Planet Shuffleboard


This court is perfect on wood or composite deck, carpet,turf or any soft surface.

It is not recommanded on concret, asphalt, paver or any rough surface.


3'wide Court#6, yellow border both end. 3'x20' Compacted to 1/2

SKU: 630463
  • Delivery in Canada the day after payment is received.

    UPS ground will deliver between 1 to 5 days.

    If you need it faster, call us.

    You will get a confirmation with tracking number.

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