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Court #3 ( in 5' width ) is one of our most popular courts. A full 5'x 32'(green) with 2 shooting sections, each measuring 5'x 5' (red) and yellow borders all around. We suggest this court for safety since the yellow border all around the court make it easily visible and prevent players from falling or tripping over the edge of the court.

Shuffleboard features

  • The yellow border all around provides a nice, finished look.
  • Yellow border allow you to bring your disks back without having to bend down.
  • They also provide a safety feature by outlining the edge of the court and preventing falling or tripping over it.


  • Required a 5'4"x 42'4" level area.
  • The yellow border measures 2" x 12" x 5/8" and goes from 5/8" thick on one side to 0" on the other side, providing a nice slope at the edge.
  • Court #3 in 5' wide has 160 green tiles for the court itself.
  • Court #3 in 5' wide has 50 red tiles for the shooting sections.
  • Court #5 has 94 linear feet of yellow border.
  • You play with 6'' diameter disks.

Reference:    #5
Size, Capacity:    5'4'' x 42'4''
Weight:    168 lbs.
Manufactured by:   Planet Shuffleboard

5'wide Court #3, with yellow edge all around. 5'x42' Compacted to 4/5

SKU: 350221
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